DAMV Guitars  - Built By Veterans in Honor of Those Who Served
                           **The  Line**
All of our Guitars are Handcrafted right here in America. And are designed to pay honor to Those Who Served in each branch of the U.S.Military, And to the USA itself.
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**Now Available, DAMV Guitars is very proud to introduce Our New Chambered Body Option. You can Hear this Sweet Thing by visiting our "Sound Check" page. And the best part is, You can get it
at NO EXTRA CHARGE. Just let us know which Type body you prefer we build for YOU in "Your Cart". ALSO, Remember to visit our R.O.C.page,
For Just "A few Dollars More" It's a Labor of Love that every Vet. would love to own.**
      **Special Military Pricing In Effect**
      ** We've TEMPORARILY Reduced  the    
base price of Every Guitar**                                            
Our complete line of guitars                                                                                                                                                                  
Last Tested and Updated; December-04-2012  
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